Profiled rubber tapes – examples of applications

Profiled rubber tapes – examples of applications

Profiled tapes are products that are created with the most complex and advanced processes in the industry in mind. They are used in factories as a base for transporting goods. These types of belts have special profiles on their surface, arranged in the letter V or straight lines and other forms. Many of them also have limiters at the side ends. Thanks to this, the transported products do not move and there is no risk of them falling off the belt.

Profiled belts are used in situations where it is necessary to transport small and unusual goods . A good example is bulk materials that need to be broken down into specific parts. Rubber belts with profiles are also used when transporting aggregates. Another situation is the production and transfer of machine and vehicle components. Employees cannot allow these to be lost or damaged, which is most effectively prevented by profiles. In addition to industrial lines in factories, tapes are also used to equip specialized equipment, such as milling machines. Profiles allow you to separate different production processes , which makes work more intuitive and efficient

How are profiled rubber bands made?

The most effective method of producing this type of tape is hot vulcanization. It produces various types of rubber compounds that differ in their properties. Wear-resistant, oil-resistant or temperature-resistant products  are available . They can be matched to the specificity of the production line and the goods that will be transported using the resulting belt.

The hot vulcanization process makes the profiled tape extremely durable. The products are resistant to heavy loads and chemicals. The rubber band can be used during production in extremely high and low temperatures. In addition, most of the tapes are adapted to work with rollers and a sliding table, which are the basic equipment of production and industrial plants.