Flat belts

Flat drive belts

Flat belts have proven themselves in the world as an indispensable means of transmitting power and transporting various production goods. Our drive belts meet the highest requirements, which is why they are widely used, for example, in the paper, printing, wood, textile and many other industries.

We offer drive belts with a polyamide pulling layer with the following  coatings :

  • rubber (rubber – rubber, rubber – textile);

  • leather (leather – leather, leather – textile);

  • textile;

  • PVC;

  • PU;

  • silicon;

  • rubber.

flat drive belts

Features and capabilities of the belts:

  • resistant to oils and greases;

  • high transfer power;

  • short tensioning distances;

  • good grip;

  • double sided work;

  • small roller diameters;

  • long service life;

  • high abrasion resistance;

  • quiet work.

We supply belts:

  • Open;

  • prepared for gluing;

  • endlessly welded;

  • endlessly braided;

  • cut from the sleeve.


Flat belts are used to transmit power, e.g. in power generators, water turbines, engines, etc. Moreover, they are widely used in printing houses, sorting plants and in the paper industry.

Drive belt coatings:​

Our drive belts in standard execution consist of coverings of synthetic rubber, leather or a textile insert. For specific applications, we use special coatings of various types of materials:

  • PVC
  • PU
  • silicon
  • rubber

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