6-prong staples

6-prong staples

naprawa taśm spinka do taśmy taśmociągu 6-prong staples Transportband-Reparatur

The 6-tooth staples are distinguished by their extremely quick and easy assembly, which allows the connection to be made in a few minutes. For the use of staples, only the simplest tools are needed – a hammer and a durable board, and the staples are used to repair belts with a thickness of 6-21 mm working under load.

The most important advantages of 6-prong staples :

  • extremely short application time to minimize equipment downtime;
  • ease of assembly performed only with a hammer;
  • properly sharpened teeth hold the belt ends without causing further damage and degradation of the material;
  • made of galvanized steel resistant to abrasion;
  • possibility of making of stainless steel with reduced magnetic properties;
  • also suitable for use as a connection. The seam made is durable and tight.

Technical data:

Tape thickness 
, mm
2.5 – 44 – 66 – 88 – 1010-1313˜ – 1515 – 1818 – 21
Material of manufactureabrasion resistant galvanized steel
Packagingstandard packaging 100 pcs.
6-zębne zszywki spinki do taśmociągu serwis taśm przenośnikowych Transportband-Reparatur
naprawa taśm serwis taśm transporterowych spinka do taśm Transportband-Reparatur

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