Tape repair

Tape repair:

During operation, the belt turns out to be exposed to various types of harmful factors, as a result of which it is not uncommon that you have to deal with various damages to the belt. Among the most common are cuts, tears, abrasions, cracks, punctures, all of which, without taking appropriate measures, prevent further work or reduce its efficiency. Due to the high costs of purchasing a new belt, repairing damage is much more beneficial.

The choice of  tape repair method  and repair agents depends on the nature of the damage. It could be:

  • cold gluing;
  • vulcanization (imposes a condition as to the sufficient length of the tape, but it is the most long-lasting and durable solution);
  • application of a repair patch (such as, for example, Fix’N Go®);
  • application of a repair staple (quick solution to resume work in the shortest possible time);
  • the use of a mechanical connection (allows to maintain the length of the tape, while guaranteeing almost the same strength of the connection as in the case of vulcanization).

Centrum Taśm i Pasów company   has the appropriate equipment and qualified staff to perform each of the above-mentioned types of repair. The company’s offer also includes various types of patches and staples, mechanical connectors and mounting strips.