Standard Flat Return Tru-Trac

Standard Flat Return Tru-Trac

Standard Flat Return

Heavy Duty Flat Return

Low Speed Flat Return

Polyurethane Flat Return

The patented design of the standard Tru-Trac roller offers the best performing and most effective belt centering system.

Reliable functionality  – Tru-Trac rollers have proven to be robust, reliable, durable and provide effective performance in all conditions.

Bearings –  a pair of 6017 2RS bearings were used, which, due to their size, meet the load and speed requirements very well.

Maintenance free –  sealed bearings do not require any lubrication.

Cover  – highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber, 12 mm thick, also available in a fire-resistant rubber version.

Operation in all conditions  – possible quick installation on wet and dry belts operating on the surface or underground.

Versatile installation  – the roller can be mounted on the clean side of the belt, the tension is easily adjusted with the included mounting brackets.

Reversible belts  – works great on this type of belt.

Available sizes from 300 to 1200 mm

Tru-Trac Standard Flat Return

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