Polyester felt

Endless braided polyester felt webbing

Endless braided polyester belt
filc poliestrowy pas producent filcu poliestrowego Polyesterfilzband

Technical data:

  • an alternative to tapes made of wool felt;
  • tape made of 100% polyester;
  • endlessly braided (without any connections);
  • PES core;
  • thickness 3.5mm;
  • breaking strength 144 dN/cm;
  • force needed for 1% extension 11 dN/cm;
  • fine woven surface of the carrier side;
  • resistant to oil and vegetable and animal fats;
  • cleaning possible;
  • stabilized, heat treated;
  • temperature resistant up to 180ºC;
  • available in all sizes;
  • manufactured in accordance with FDA approval for contact with unpackaged food;
  • used for knife shafts from 5 mm diameter;
  • dough resistant.

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