Tile connections

Tile connections (unilinka)

The plate joints are at the edge between the repair measures and the mechanical joints. This type of connection is characterized by quick and easy assembly, enabling the connection to be made in a short time. Exotic tools are not needed to use the connection, and the connections are used to repair or connect belts with a thickness of 5-25 mm working under load.

tile connection unilink

Technical data:

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Tape thickness 
, mm
5-115-118-1411-1714-2114-3019-25> 24
belt strength 
, N/mm
Drum min. Ø, mm25030040040070085010001200
Material of manufactureGalvanized Steel / MegAlloy* / Stainless AISI 316* / non-magnetic Everdur*
Packagingstandard packaging 25 or 100 pcs.standard 
package 10 pcs.

* Goods available on request!

Connection available on request only.

We offer from the warehouse Unilinka Polish production L-70.

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