Heavy Duty Trough

Taper Through

Tru-Trac Heavy Duty Trough Rollers

Tru-Trac Heavy Duty Trough​

Available sizes from 1350 to 2500 mm
(smaller sizes available on request)


The patented Tru-Trac Heavy Duty Trough design is designed to meet the demands of wide, heavy-duty belts operating at speeds in excess of 4 m/s. Side rollers have been incorporated into the design to quickly activate our standard belt alignment system. Side rollers are attached at an angle of 70º. At the moment when the tape leaves the center of the roller and starts moving up the side guide roller, the system that aligns the tape run is activated faster. The design ensures that there is no contact of the belt edges at an angle of 90º anywhere.

Heavy Duty  – The combination of a reinforced pin and double cylinder system prevents the roller from bending. Steel bearing housings were welded to the inner cylinder.

Improved and reinforced sealing system  – steel round caps have been pressed against the bearing housing, this functions as an additional seal and prevents the entry of contaminants

High belt speed  – Ideal for belts with speeds exceeding 4 m/s.

Cover  – Available in 16mm natural rubber abrasion resistant cover or 12mm polyurethane cover (blue). Covers also available in a fireproof version

Bearings  – a pair of 6017 2RS bearings were used, which, due to their size, meet the requirements for load and rotational speed very well

Thrust bearings  – available as an additional option with a single row radial roller bearing 51117 Thrust for heavy loads and medium speeds and with a thrust ball bearing NU 1017 for high speeds and lighter loads