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Heavy Duty Flat Return

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The patented Tru-Trac Heavy Duty Flat Return rollers are designed for wider and heavier duty conveyor belts. The bar has been additionally reinforced. The nylon bearing housings as well as the plastic side caps have been replaced with steel ones.
tru trac pojedyncze rolki centrowanie biegu taśmy Tru-Trac Bandführungsrollen

Heavy loads  – steel bearing housings have been welded to the inner cylinder, the pin has been additionally reinforced

Improved and reinforced sealing system –  steel round caps have been pressed against the bearing housing, this functions as an additional seal and prevents the entry of contaminants

Cover  – highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber, 12 mm thick

Also available in Extra Heavy Duty

heavy duty flat return extra

Available dimensions 1350 - 1800 mm

(on request also in smaller sizes)

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