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Low Speed Dual Return

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Tru-Trac Low Speed ​​Dual Return Rollers

Tru-Trac Low Speed ​​Dual Return Rollers are specifically designed for wide belts operating at very low speeds of 1 m/s or less. Side guide rollers have been incorporated into the design to speed up the roller action.

Tru-Trac Low Speed Dual Return

Performance  – Excellent and reliable performance at low belt speeds.

No damage to the edges  – the design ensures no contact of the belt edge with the rollers. At the moment when the tape leaves the center of the roller and starts moving up the side guide roller, the roller moves forward faster and directs the tape back to the center.

Cover  – Available in 16mm natural rubber abrasion resistant cover or 12mm (blue) / 19mm (red) polyurethane cover. All types also available in a fireproof version.

Bearings  – in the standard version or in an additional option with a thrust or thrust ball bearing.

Tru-Trac Low Speed Dual Return

Available sizes from 1350 to 2500 mm

(smaller sizes available on request)