Tapes (construction)

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Tape lenght:

Belts and Belts Center supplies rubber conveyor belts of any length. We apply the PN-EN ISO 14890 and DIN 22102 standards.

The belts can be delivered in the form of endlessly vulcanized (according to the tolerances given in the table below) and open.

Net length of the vulcanized tape (measured in the return section) in mm

Length tolerance

up to 15,000

± 50mm

from 15,000 to 20,000


Over 20,000


Length tolerances according to international standards also apply to open conveyor belts. This means a tolerance of +/- 2.5% when measured in the workshop and +/- 5% for tapes delivered in rolls (direct from the factory).

Tape width:

Belt widths are standardized according to  DIN 22.102-1/0491  and  ISO 251/1987  and given in millimetres:

Unified belt width (mm)

width tolerance

300 – 400 – 500



± 1%

Custom tape widths are available on request.

Tape thickness

The thickness of the rubber conveyor belt depends on its design.

According to  DIN 22.1022-1/04-91,  the following thickness tolerances apply:

thickness up to 10 mm – deviation ± 1 mm;

thickness over 10 mm – deviation ± 10%.

Tape edging

Rubber conveyor belts are supplied with injection molded (solid rubber) or cut (impregnated) edges. In the case of spacers made entirely of synthetic material, it is not necessary to use injection molded edging.