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Belle Banne Scraper Type - H

belle banne typ type h skrobak czyszczący taśmę

The H-type front scraper is intended for use in conveyors where P-type scrapers cannot be used due to the reversible operation and the lack of technical possibilities to place the scraper under the conveyor. The maximum belt speed is 3.5 m/s.

To use Belle Banne H-TYPE, the conveyor belt must be well cured and without mechanical joints. An important installation parameter is the diameter of the drum on which the scraper will be mounted (from 250 to 1700 mm).

The Belle Banne H-TYPE scraper is designed to be used as a pre-scraper before the P-type precision scraper. In fact, however, it is sufficiently effective that no additional scrapers are needed. It is often the only possible solution for cleaning the belt due to the impossibility of installing scrapers under the conveyor. It should be used on straight drums. For convex drums, consult your Belle Banne representative beforehand.

If the transported material is very sticky and adheres to a thickness of more than 30 mm at the point marked in the figure, the H-type scraper may not work properly and installation is not recommended in such a situation. 

The maximum belt speed is 320 m/min. Do not install this type of scraper on belts with damaged surfaces or mechanical joints.

Belle Banne H-TYPE scrapers can be installed on reversing conveyors. The cleaning blade should be 15º below the horizontal line through the center of the drum (Fig. above). If installed inside the chute, side holes may need to be cut to install the scraper.

The wear of the blades depends on the applied clamping force, the type of transported material, its shape and size, humidity and the size of the blades.

Technical data:

Model        Tape widthBlade widthThe number of blade elementsBlade element widthFrame length  AND  b  c  d  E Weight (kg) 
 35H 350 3002150 850300 100 5042.7 4915.8
 45H  450 4503150 9503001005042.74917.7
 50H  500 4503150 10003001005042.74918.5
 65H  650 6004/3150/200 11503001005042.74921/22.5
 80H  800 750/8005/4150/200 13003001005042.74924/23.5
 90H  900 900/8006/4150/200 14003001005042.74927/27.5
 100H 1000 900/10006/5150/200 15003001005048.64929/32.5
 105H  1050 1050/10007/5150/200 16003001005048.64932/33.5
 120H  1200 1200/12008/6150/200 18003001005048.64935/37.5
 140H  1400 14007200 20003501506560.559.551.5
 150H  1500 14007200 21003501506560.559.553
 160H  1600 16008 200  22003501506560.559.557.5
 180H  1800 18009 200  250035015065 76.36774.5
 200H 2000 200010 200  29003501506576.36780
 220H  2200 220011 200  31003501506576.36788.5