Lashing belts

Lashing belts

Lashing belts with a coating of PVC, polyurethane, rubber or silicone have been successfully used for years in the coating of cables, pipe profiles and in the processing of plastics.

The material from which the above belts are made corresponds to the latest technical achievements and customer expectations. The lashing belts are distinguished by an endless, braided carrier of the string, which gives it special resistance to tearing, stretching and, consequently, a long product life. For specific tasks, we also recommend special coatings, which we will develop at your request.

Thanks to the endlessly braided polyester inserts, our belts obtain high flexibility and high measurement precision, which in turn enable work with small roller diameters.

For trouble-free running of the belt without particularly burdensome tensions, a belt can be used that will be specially profiled by uniform grinding on its running side, e.g.: rib-wedge profile or sliding impregnations.

The grooves on the carrier side, on the other hand, allow you to achieve good friction without increasing the pressure, which is an important element when extracting materials with a smooth surface. V-shaped or U-shaped grooves can be used here.

Properties and benefits:

  • great flexibility;
  • accurate measurement;
  • small length tolerance;
  • resistance to softening steam;
  • long service life due to aging resistance;
  • resistance to oils and fats;
  • resistance to sulfur and ozone;
  • high friction between the belt and the extracted material;
  • high running properties, also at high belt speed.


Lashing belts can be retrofitted with various covers. 

Our offer includes top coverings made of PVC, PU, ​​silicone or rubber. On request, we can make combined covers, e.g. double.

PVC coating

We can make additional smooth or profiled covers made of PVC of various hardness, as well as with FDA approval, resistant to oils and fats, as well as acids and chemicals. This material is also resistant to weather changes and high adhesiveness. Profiled coverings such as supergrip, longitudinal grooves, saw teeth and fish bones are standard.

PU coated

Our offer includes PU coverings in various types, such as: foils, IKLUMER foams, vulcanized cellular material, or in the form of sprayed polyurethane. These materials show, depending on the application, high resistance to mechanical abrasion. They also achieve a long service life and resistance to chemicals, solvents, oils and grease.

Silicone coating

For the production of non-adhesive covers, we use high-quality materials such as silicone, which is used where high temperatures occur. Silicone of different hardness is also used as a driving material.

Rubber cover

We offer a diverse range of natural rubber such as Linatex, Correx and artificial rubber such as Porol, EPDM, elastomer and sponge rubber. These coatings guarantee high resistance to ozone, temperature changes and atmospheric changes, while they are resistant to tearing, show flexibility at impacts, and flexibility at low temperatures. High adhesion results in good pickability of the transported products

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