Load Trough Tru-Trac

Load Trough Tru-Trac

Load Through

Taper Through

Load Trough Tru-Trac

Available sizes from 500 to 2500 mm

The patented Tru-Trac rollers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of troughed conveyors. Side rollers have been incorporated into the design to quickly activate our standard belt alignment system. The side rollers can be adjusted from 25º to 55º ensuring that there is no 90º belt edge contact anywhere.

Reliable functionality  – Tru-Trac rollers are proven to be robust, reliable, durable and provide effective performance in all conditions;

Bearings  – a pair of 6017 2RS bearings is used, which, due to their size, meet the load and rotational speed requirements very well, complete with a nylon housing and a plastic side cover;

Cover  – highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber 12mm thick, or polyurethane (blue) cover 12mm thick. The covers are also available in a fireproof version.

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