Baler belts

Mechanical links MS25 and baler belts

baler belts
baler belts ms25 connection
Tape thickness (without profile):3.5 – 7.5mm
Screw size
(166 pcs. per 1 meter of connection):
from Ø4 x 7mm to Ø4 x 12mm
Tape strength:up to 450 N/mm
Minimum Drum Diameter:



Taśmy do pras rolujących połączenie ms25
MS25 mechanical connection – thanks to self-tapping screws, there is no need to pre-drill the tape, which greatly facilitates assembly.

Application examples:

MS25 mechanical linkage on Rivierre Casalis RC 90 round baler

Taśmy do pras rolujących Rivierre Casalis RC 90 baler belts

Connection consumption after one season (1400 bales)

Taśmy do pras rolujących Rivierre Casalis RC 90 Bänder für Rundballenpressen baler belts

Joint wear after two seasons (2500 bales)

MS25 mechanical linkage used on the John Deere 545 round baler:

Taśmy do pras rolujących john deere 545 baler belts

John Deere 545 round baler

Bänder für Rundballenpressen baler belts

Connection wear after two seasons (1600 bal)

Rivet ARJ mechanical connection for baler belts:

Rivet ARJ provides easy installation and low cost while maintaining reliability and long life. These advantages have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the baler. The connection and fastening rods are made of durable, wear-resistant stainless steel. In addition, the connection edge has a low profile to minimize catching and wear on other components such as rollers.



We also offer strips for mounting RIVET ARJ connections, available in widths of 175 and 350 mm. If you are interested in the offer, please contact us.

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