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Conti BAKE BE 6570

We would like to introduce you to the CONTI BAKE baking belt, which caused a great stir when it was launched on the market and became a huge hit. Used in many bakery devices, e.g. in proofers and in various types of dough transport machines.

wool felt belts for bakery industries

Wool felt

Endlessly braided,
100% wool,
natural white,
weight 1500 g/m²,
thickness min. 3-3.5mm
polyester felt belts for bakery

Polyester felt

Alternative to wool felt tapes,
100% polyester tape,
endlessly braided (without any joints),
PES core,
3.5 mm thick
Fabrics for proofing​

Fabrics for proofing

All fabrics designed for the requirements of the modern market. The quality of materials confirmed by tests and years of use, manufactured in accordance with the FDA approval for contact with unpackaged food. Long service life!

fabrics for dividers

Fabrics for dividers

Divider tapes​​ with a wool surface and a PES core with minimal stretch. Both sides wool, standard thickness 2.5 mm, available in various lengths.

Belts for molding machines

Belts for molding machines

100% wool felt. Manufactured in accordance with FDA approval for contact with unpackaged food. Running side with a polyester layer. Low friction force 0.2. Available in all sizes and shapes.

Rolling mill belts

Rolling mill belts

Original three-layer material with outer layers in PES and inner layer in PVC. Easy to clean, non-stick backing. Long uptime.

Bakery belts and accessories:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Since 2010, Centrum Taśm i Pasów has also been supplying fabrics for baking machines of various manufacturers. Close cooperation with manufacturers allows us to offer products at the best prices.

ContiBake belt BE 6570:

  • thickness 2.2mm;
  • bearing side: 100% polyester, multi-fiber;
  • running side: polyester, monofilaments;
  • safe for food;
  • air permeable;
  • minimum roll diameter: 6 mm
  • maximum width without longitudinal connections: 1850 mm;
  • resistance to continuous temperature: 140°C (temporarily up to 220°C);
  • resistant to moisture, oils, greases, dough;
  • does not stick to the dough.


  • baking tunnels;
  • dough transport on conveyors with knife rollers;
  • dough kneading process;
  • depositing conveyors.

Possible executions:

  • with woven-in SS52 polyester connection (easily splicing possible);
  • with SS52 PEEK spiral for elevated temperatures.

Cloths for loading devices:

  • easy to clean;
  • low stretch factor;
  • very short lead times;
  • standard width: 560 mm.

Various types of conveyor belts from the German company KLUMP:

  • PVC, PU,
  • felt, structural 
  • tape connectors (Self-Lock, Anker, Alligator).

Felt Sleeves:

  • diameters from 20 to 400 mm;
  • thickness from 2 to 6 mm;
  • 100% wool;
  • endlessly woven;
  • food safe;
  • not sticking to the dough;
  • working on rolls from 4 mm in diameter..

Divider tapes:

  • endlessly woven;
  • felt surface, polyester core to minimize stretching;
  • food safe.