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Conveyor Belts

The Tape and Belt Center provides a wide selection of PVC and PU conveyor belts in various execution options.

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Flat Belts

Flat belts have proven themselves in the world as an indispensable means of transmitting power and transporting various production goods.

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Depending on the belt type, operating conditions, conveyor parameters and user requirements, it is possible to use various types of conveyor belt connections.

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Bakery accessories

Since 2010, Tape and Belt Center has also been supplying fabrics for baking machines of various manufacturers.

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We also supply accessories from proven and respected global manufacturers.


Our company specializes in the supply of conveyor belts for use in industry and agriculture. We also offer permanent connections and various accessories related to the use of tapes. Our offer includes conveyor belts for carrying various types of loads. We offer products adapted to conveyors of various constructions, e.g. operating with the use of guide rollers, profiled basins or tables. Conveyor belts are suitable for moving loose materials, aggregates and coal. They are used in the processing industry, e.g. for the transport of sugar beets, fruit and vegetables. Belts are used quite extensively in the baking industry. They are used in the recycling industry, as well as in various machines and devices, e.g. in asphalt cutters, bitumen spreaders or straw and hay balers or briquette production lines.


Power transmission belts allow the use of a cable drive in industrial machines and devices. They are produced in various versions, both as flat and toothed belts. Belts transmit power by friction, in the case of flat and V-belts, or by the pressure of the intermeshing pulley and belt elements with toothed belts. Thanks to this, they can transfer torque to other mechanisms very efficiently. This type of transmission is very efficient, and at the same time uncomplicated and cheap to operate. Drive belts are much lighter and cause much less noise. At the same time, they are very durable and can be used in very different external conditions. Drive belts are used both in high-precision components and in woodworking machines.

The advantage of power transmission tapes is that they can be additionally reinforced, e.g. with steel cords or meshes, and their coatings can be made of materials that match the specifics of a given implementation. For example, belts made of materials with appropriate strength parameters can work in conditions in which they are exposed to factors that cause mechanical damage, and those with appropriate flexibility can, for example, change the angle at which they operate.