Accessories for conveyors

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belle banne cleaning scrapers

Cleaning scrapers

Belle Banne brand scrapers are made in Japan and are characterized accessories for conveyors by a unique design and patented technical solutions. 

accessories for conveyors tru trac rollers

Tru-Trac rollers

Tru-Trac maintenance-free rollers are the best belt alignment solutions available on the market today.

accessories for conveyors connection machines

Connector machines

As a specialized conveyor belt service, we have various types of specialized equipment for the assembly of mechanical connections.

conveyor belts repair

Belt repair

During operation, the belt turns out to be exposed to various types of harmful factors, as a result of which it is not uncommon that you have to deal with various damages to the belt.

conveyor rollers


We offer several versions of rollers: rollers of Polish production, rollers of Dutch production, rollers of Hungarian production

belts curing presses

Curing presses

Every day, our service makes several dozen vulcanized joints on rubber and PVC/PU belts.

Available accessories:

Accessories for conveyors – in addition to the main product, which is conveyor belts, we also supply accessories from proven and respected global manufacturers. They are:

  • Japanese Belle Banne scrapers
  • Tru-Trac guide rollers
  • lightweight rollers made of HDPE plastic
  • fabric-rubber connectors for belts: Super-Screw

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