Tru-Trac® Rollers

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tru trac single rollers


The most important advantage of Flat Return skates is their simplicity!

double units tru trac rollers


The system has been patented worldwide and developed to cope with excessive forces.

zespoły nieckowe Tru-Trac Trough Tracker


Tru-Trac Trough Trackers are used to level the carrier side of conveyor belts.

Tru-Trac® Rollers

Tru-Trac Rollers (maintenance-free) are the best belt alignment solutions available on the market today. All products are made of high-quality components that are under constant control. The belt guiding system has been subjected to the most difficult quality requirements and has proven itself to be the best tested product in its group. In addition, they have received positive feedback from users around the world.

Maintenance-free belt alignment

  • ave a durable construction
  • simple to install
  • reduce conveyor operating costs (maintenance, cleaning)
  • work in dry and wet conditions
  • increase production capacity and reduce downtime
  • have no contact with the belt edges
  • minimal traction forces are needed to set them in motion
  • the mechanism located in the rollers reacts and corrects the belt’s run even with its minimal deflection
  • especially recommended for reversible conveyors
  • protect belts and conveyors from damage to the maximum

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers of conveyor belt components is the fact that no conveyor is the same. The product supplied and installed on the conveyor must be versatile enough to work with different types of belts, in different environmental conditions, transporting a wide variety of materials. It became clear that meeting the requirements of our customers requires the following features from our products:

  • work in wet and dry conditions
  • should be designed and installed in such a way as to preclude damage to the straps
  • should not use the edge of the belt to activate the alignment system
  • should be easy to use and maintenance free
  • rollers should be free of vibrations
  • should have a minimum number of moving parts
  • should be easy to assemble
  • they should be resistant
Tru-Trac Bandführungsrollen

An example of how to install the Tru-Trac centering roller: