Belle Banne cleaning scrapers

Belle Banne cleaning scrapers:

belle banne cleaning scrapers
Belle Banne brand scrapers are made in Japan and are characterized by a unique design and patented technical solutions. The use of Belle Banne products will ensure the highest cleaning efficiency of the belt and a long life of the consumable elements of the production lines.

Belle Banne scrapers are used in many industries around the world. An example of an application requiring the highest quality and safety can be German hard coal mines, which have been using Belle Banne scrapers for many years. Their use ensures more efficient operation of conveyors and lower expenditure on maintaining conveyors in good technical condition, which reduces the number of downtimes caused by a failure.

As standard, we offer scrapers for belts with widths from 400 to 2200 mm and working at speeds up to 7.5 m/s. We also offer replaceable elements. 

We provide you with assistance in choosing the right model, and our sales representatives  will answer  your questions.

Available types of scrapers:

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Type - U

Type A / AF

Type - H

Type - P

Type - R

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The video below shows the different types of Belle Banne scrapers

Since 2008, Centrum Taśm i Pasów has been the exclusive distributor of Belle Banne scrapers in Poland

On June 17, 2008, an agreement was signed in Wrocław to establish the Centrum Taśm i Pasów company as the sole distributor of Japanese Belle Banne scrapers in Poland.

If you are interested in using the Belle Banne cleaning scraper, please contact our company to discuss technical possibilities.

Representatives of Centrum Taśm i Pasów, Nippon Tsusho Co. Ltd., SGT Promati

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