Fix'N Go patches

Fix'N Go patches

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Fix’N Go ® repair patches – an innovative and unique solution for repairing tears, cuts and holes in tapes, produced by MLT Minet Lacing Technology SA. Thanks to the special rubber, the patch remains resistant to abrasion, but does not reduce the flexibility and tensile strength of the tape. The use of a patch is a quick, easy and long-lasting solution that allows you to refrain from immediate replacement of a damaged tape.

The most important advantages of Fix’N Go ®  patches

EXECUTION  – depending on the purpose, made of rubber resistant to abrasion or high temperatures;

DURABILITY  – the patch is abrasion resistant to an extent that exceeds most of the tapes used, compatible with scrapers;

LONG DURABILITY  – screws used to fix the patch do not damage the fabric core, spreading the fibers apart without cutting them, the screws are made of galvanized or stainless steel;

FLEXIBILITY  – the use of the patch does not affect the properties of the tape itself, which remains flexible and resistant to stretching. This feature is particularly important for the ability to form a trough and resist short overloads;

SPEED  – only a cover stripper and a screwdriver are needed to apply the patch;

EASY ASSEMBLY  – thanks to the special self-tapping screws supplied with the patch, no specialized tools are needed, an electric or pneumatic screwdriver is enough;

UNIVERSAL  – the patch can be used to repair all kinds of tapes with a fabric core, strength up to 1250 N/mm.  Various types of cuts, cuts, longitudinal tears, holes and damage to the edges of the tape can be repaired with Fix’N Go ® .

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Fix’N Go ® patches  are supplied as 158 mm wide by 2,000 or 20,000 mm long. The thickness of the upper plate is 3-4 mm, the bottom plate is 2-3 mm. Fix’N Go ® kits  are available in two versions:
  1. Emergency Kit – 2 rolls of Fix’N Go ®  (top and bottom plates) sized 158 x 2,000, 300+300 screws of various lengths (5×10 + 5×12 (only with abrasion resistant rubber), 5×12 + 5 ×14, 5×14 + 5×16, 5×16 + 5×18, 5×18 + 5×20) or
  2. Professional Kit – 2 rolls of Fix’N Go ®  (top and bottom plates) 158 x 20,000 mm, 3000 screws of various lengths:
  • with abrasion-resistant rubber – 600 x 5×10, 900 x 5×12, 600 x 5×14, 300 x 5×16, 300 x 5×18, 300 x 5×20;
  • with rubber resistant to high temperatures – 1050 x 5×12, 900 x 5×14, 450 x 5×16, 300 x 5×18, 300 x 5×20.
 Detailed selection of screws is made using the tables below.

Fix'N Go®
abrasion resistant

Fix'N Go®
heat resistant

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