Minet Lacing Technology Hermetic

Minet Lacing Technology Hermetic connection:

The Hermetic connection produced by MLT Minet Lacing Technology SA uses staples as a fastening element, which gives it special strength and the ability to work in the toughest conditions, such as in mines. These types of joints are ideal for repairing and joining belts with a steel core.

The most important advantages of the Hermetic connection include:

  • speed of application – thanks to staples, the repair is carried out in a short time;
  • durability – Hermetic connections were designed for the toughest working conditions;
  • the possibility of using belts with a steel core;
  • non-magnetic steel version available for use with magnetic separators etc.
połączenie hermetic mlt optima Minet Lacing Technology Hermetic

Technical data:

staplesTape thickness, mmbelt strength, N/mmbelt tension, N/mmDrum min. Ø, mmbar Ø, mm
record           0-1-2-37 – 18450453008
Optima A37 – 9800803008
Optima B514 – 17800803008
618 – 21
722 – 26
Optima C613 – 21200020060011

Hermetic connections are supplied in lengths of 350 mm. Staples are supplied separately depending on the sizes needed.

Connectors, rods and staples are available in two versions – galvanized steel or non-magnetic stainless steel.

Information about other products can be found at www.c-t-p.com.pl