Polyurethane Dual Return

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Polyurethane Dual Return

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Tru-Trac Polyurethane Dual Return Rollers

Tru-Trac Polyurethane Dual Return Rollers are a patented solution for highly corrosive, high abrasion materials. Polyurethane ensures long life in very hard conditions and 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Polyurethane coating –  offers approximately 2-3 times longer life compared to rubber coatings. Abrasion-resistant polyurethane cover (blue) 12 mm thick or (red) 19 mm thick. Also available in flame retardant polyurethane.

Thrust bearings  – in the standard version with a thrust and a ball bearing for heavy loads and high belt speeds.

High belt speed  – Ideal for belt speeds exceeding 4 m/s.

Grip  – The polyurethane coating has a diamond pattern to increase grip in wet working conditions.

Tru-Trac Polyurethane Dual Return
Tru-Trac Polyurethane Dual Return

Available sizes 1350 – 2500 mm

(smaller sizes available on request)

Information about other products can be found at www.c-t-p.com.pl