Flexco SR

Flexco SR connection:

The perfect combination for rubber belts, thick PVC belts and used belts not suitable for vulcanizing. These connections guarantee high quality workmanship, long service life and simple installation, which significantly reduces belt downtime.

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Features and Benefits:

  • low profile Scalloped Edge™ ensures low exposure of the joint to various types of rubber aprons and scrapers;
  • rivets placed in self-guiding holes increase the maximum jamming of the connection and minimize damage to the warp fibers;
  • cut-out hole for easy positioning of the connection;
  • easy disconnection of the tape by pulling out the connecting rod.


Connections are available in different sizes (see table below); made of various types of material to suit your needs.


Flexco SR connections are used in various industries, e.g. in: underground and open-pit coal mines, quarries, asphalt plants, pulp and paper plants, filling sand pits, gravel pits and other demanding applications for joining belts with a thickness of 3 – 17 mm and a strength of up to 1400 N/mm at min. roller diameter 125mm (detailed information in the table below).













Tape thickness, mm
 3 – 10 6 – 11 9 – 15 10.5 – 17
Min. roller diameter, mm
 125 200 250 400
max. tape strength 
, N/mm
 400 800 1250 1400
Fixing    using rivets, using a special assembly machine