MiniRecord connections

Connections use staples as a fastening element. MiniRecord is suitable for joining belts with a thickness of 1.5-6.4 mm working under a load of 20-40 N/mm.


The most important features and advantages of the MiniRecord connection :

  • previously installed staples make it possible to speed up the repair or joining of the tape by eliminating the need to look for appropriate fastening elements;
  • easy installation with a special tool and hammer;
  • beveled edges ensure smooth cooperation with the conveyor elements and do not damage the transported products;
  • staples firmly jam in the tape without destroying its structure;
  • made of galvanized or stainless steel.
połączenie Mini record mr1 mr2 mr3 MiniRecord

Technical data:

MR 1MR 2MR 3
Tape thickness, mm1.5 – 3.23.0 – 5.04.8 – 6.4
belt tension, N/mm203240
belt strength, N/mm300350400
Drum min. Ø, mm5075100
Link materialgalvanized or stainless steel 304L
bar Ø, mm2.
Material of the barPA-coated stainless steelPA coated steelPA-coated stainless steelPA coated steelPA-coated stainless steelgalvanized steel coated with PAPA coated steelPA coated steel
Packaging4 strips x 300, 600, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm with a bar. Other lengths up to and including 2750 mm on request.

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