G 2000 Series

G 2000 Series Connections

G2001, G2002, G2003

G 2000 Series joints are characterized by exceptional strength and are used primarily in mining and various heavy industry sectors (G 2002/2003) and agriculture (G 2001). Secured with staples, these connections require little time to install, minimizing equipment downtime and consequent waste.

The most important advantages of G 2000 Series connections include :

  • made of the highest quality materials guaranteeing exceptional durability and reliability;
  • additionally reinforced loop prevents damage to the links;
  • fastened with staples that do not require much time;
  • installation speed reduces equipment downtime;
  • pre-assembled staples further reduce this time, as selection of matching fasteners is no longer necessary;
  • recessed concave grooves protect staples from damage;
  • the rounded edges of the joint make it extremely compatible with scrapers;
  • the connection is ideal for use on trough belts;
  • type G 2001 has been specially designed for use in baling presses;
  • the G 2002/2003 types have been designed for use in mining and heavy industry.
G 2000 połączenie mechaniczne taśmy przenośnikowej

Technical data:

Tape thickness, mm5 – 77.5 – 1510 – 20
belt strength, N/mm65014003500
belt tension, N/mm65140350
Drum min. Ø, mm80250500
bar Ø, mm4 (stainless steel in PA coating)6, 7, 8, 9 (stainless steel)


7, 9 (stainless steel in PA coating)

For types G 2002 and G 2003, if purchased separately, the links and rods must be matched according to the following table:

 bar Ø, mmStaple type
stainless steel622 – 24
726 – 28 – 29
826 – 28 – 29 – 34
933 – 38
stainless steel in PA coating726 – 28 – 29
933 – 38

G 2002 and 2003 joints are available in galvanized HSS (High Strength) or stainless steel. Connection G 2001 available in stainless steel.

Connections G 2002 and 2003 are available in sections of any length up to 1600 mm (longer lengths on request). Connection G 2001 available in sections of any length up to 1200 mm.

Connection available on request only.