Super-Screw Connections

Super-Screw connections are distinguished by innovative design solutions and high-quality workmanship. Thanks to this, their above-average service life was obtained. Simple assembly, which does not require presses or a specialized team, reduces the downtime of transporting equipment.
połączenia super screw Super-Screw Verbindungen

The most important advantages of the Super-Screw® connection:

Durability  – a high degree of durability results from the use of special fiber fabrics enriching various rubber coatings;

Execution  – depending on the intended use, made of rubber resistant to abrasion or oils and fats, resistant to high temperatures, flame retardant or suitable for carrying foodstuffs;

Leakproof  – Super-Screw® connections are installed axially. Super-Screw® sling straps are water and dust proof;

Flexible – Compared to traditional mechanical joints, Super-Screw® is flexible and has a high stretch. This feature is particularly important for the ability to form a trough and resist short overloads;

Scraper Compatibility  – Super-Screw® connections can be used with all cleaning devices, including carbide;

Easy installation  – thanks to the special self-tapping screws supplied with the connection, no specialized tools are needed, an electric or pneumatic screwdriver is enough;

Possibility  of mounting from the running side;

Perfect  anchorage away from the webbing edge with a strong clamping effect.

Detailed information on the technical characteristics of the Super-Screw® connection can be found in the table.

Tape thickness, mm m4-114-134-134-155-156-156-15
Maximum belt tension, N/mm3163638080100100
Maximum belt strength, N/mm31563063080080010001000
Minimum drum diameter160/200220/300250/300250/350270/400300/400350/400
Super Screw® top plate thickness (± 1 mm), mm4.556,567,57,59
Thickness of the Super Screw® bottom plate (± 1 mm), mm3,744,5
Super Screw® plate width, mm62110156
Number of screws per meter110200280
screw diameter, mm5
Length of Super Screw® plate in a roll, mm25
Tape thickness, mm7-20,57-197-20,57-197-197-17,5
Maximum belt tension, N/mm125125180180200200
Maximum tape strength, N/mm125012501800180020002000
Minimum drum diameter350/400350/500400/800500/800500/1000650/1000
Super Screw® top plate thickness (± 1 mm), mm6,58,56,58,58,510
Thickness of the Super Screw® bottom plate (± 1 mm), mm6
Super Screw® plate width, mm266
Number of screws per meter254
screw diameter, mm6,3
Length of Super Screw® plate in a roll, mm15


The Super Screw ® connection  is used to connect fabric-rubber tapes and is comparable in quality (technical parameters) to vulcanized connections. An exemplary assembly time of a joint on a 600 mm wide tape takes about 1 hour, and simple assembly allows you to reduce downtime costs and shorten the duration of failure to a minimum. The innovative design solution of the connection made it applicable in many areas of the economy, from heavy industry to the food industry and agriculture. The technical parameters of Super Screw ®  make it possible to use the connection in belts with profiles, drivers, valances, scrapers (eg HOSCH) as well as it can be mounted on belts with steel cord.