About Tape and Belt Center

About Tape and Belt Center:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to propose cooperation with the company Tape and Belt Center based in Wrocław. The company was established in 2004 and initially dealt mainly with the supply of lightweight conveyor belts (PVC, PU) and mechanical connectors for belts. Since the beginning, we have been cooperating with European companies with many years of production traditions and with recognized brands around the world, which guarantees our customers the highest quality goods. We offer you products that meet all the requirements in many areas of the economy , from mining through agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, distribution centers and recycling plants. The goods we offer are characterized byinnovative design solutions of high quality. Many years of experience in the selection of tapes and belts, connections and transport techniques allow us to professionally service the needs of our customers. We achieve the advantage through continuous improvement of delivery conditions and quality of workmanship, using the latest techniques. Thanks to these features, we are able to deliver all standard as well as many technically special products straight from the warehouse on optimal price and delivery terms. We have a qualified service available 24 hours a day.

Over time, in response to market demand, the offer is constantly expanding with new products. In 2010, the company introduced tapes and other articles used in modern bakery (such as Conti Bake tapes for baking machines). Close cooperation with various manufacturers allows us to deliver their products at the best prices. Currently, the Tape and Belt Center is the sole representative in Poland of such brands as:

About Tape and Belt Center

About Tape and Belt Center



  • professional technical advice on the selection and operation of tapes and accessories
  • good quality products at competitive prices
  • short lead times for most products
  • qualified service of conveyor belts available 24 hours a day


  • smooth and profiled rubber tapes (also oil-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, highly abrasion-resistant)
  • PVC and PU tapes
  • baking belts and accessories (e.g. ContiBake belts, felt belts, felt sleeves, baking baskets and cradles)
  • drive belts
  • repair staples
  • SUPER-SCREW mechanical connections for fabric-rubber belts and for belts with steel cord
  • MS, Flexco, Alligator mechanical connections
  • mini rhombus and maxi rhomb lining for drums, T-REX glue (rubber-rubber, rubber-metal, rubber-fabric), repair patches
  • three-layer rubber for scraper, LINATEX rubbers
  • “TEMPO” plastic rollers and smooth, disc, ring and directional steel rollers
  • HDPE HD plastic rollers for heavy duty conditions
  • TRU-TRAC self-guiding rollers
  • Japanese Belle Banne belt cleaning scrapers
  • anti-dust construction of Proload transfer points
  • conveyor belts for Conti Bake bakery machines

Our products can be used in conveyors offered by most Polish companies:
Budkrusz, Carboma, Coneco, Cuprum, Famago, Famak, Famur, Fugo, Fugor, Gumzamet, Kopex, Linter, ŁZG, Mifama, Ofama, Patentus, Pioma, Poltegor, Pomech , Porkon, Prefamet, SAG, Sigma, Techtrans, TransSystems, Wamag, Wampol, Zanam-Legmet and many others. In conveyors such as “Pioma”, “Bogda”, “Gwarek”, “PTG” and others.

Centrum Tape i Pasów products are used with the same or greater effectiveness as devices from other manufacturers:
Hosch, Vibratrans, Duro-Flex, Techmont, Techtrans, Nitrolen, Gerotechnik, Indu Technik, Belle Banne, BMS, Vendig, Bulk System, Schulte Strathaus , Interbelts, Encon, Rema-Pol, Tip-Topol, V-Tech, Transsystems, Vinteq, Ardek, Arch, Metso, Starclean, Flexco, Argonics and others.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer: