Self-lock connection:

The Self-Lock ® connection is quick and easy to install. The entire joint has a smooth surface as the overlays press into the belt and lock the teeth inside it. They can be used to connect tapes of various strengths and thicknesses (from 0.7 to 4.8 mm). Supplied in lengths of 300, 600, 1000, 1200 and 1500 mm or any length up to 3000 mm in one piece on request.

The most important characteristics and advantages of Self-Lock ® connections :

  • Quick ‘one step’ installation;
  • The low profile and smooth surface prevent contamination or damage to the product being carried;
  • Universal installation tool that fits all connection sizes;
  • Non-magnetic stainless or galvanized steel;
  • Durable and reliable strap clamp.
Połączenia Self lock Self-Lock Verbindungen
SL 00SL 01SL 02SL 03
Tape thickness, mm0.7 – 1.81.6 – 2.42.3 – 3.53.3 – 4.8
Drum min.Ø, mm25405060
Stress, N/mm12162838
Materialstainless steel,
stainless steel AISI 316, non-magnetic or galvanized
Fixingusing a hammer and a mounting bar
 Rodstainless steel rod Ø 1.0 mm stainless steel rod Ø1.5 mm or stainless steel rod Ø1.5 mm in PA sheath



stainless steel bar Ø1.8 mm or stainless steel bar Ø2.1 mm in PA sheath



stainless steel bar Ø2.5 mm or stainless steel bar Ø2.5 mm in PA sheath



 PackagingBox with 4 fasteners or in requested lengths up to 3000mm in one piece (longer lengths on request)

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