CTP RE/X Premium belts for road machines – higher quality and increased life for your machine – new delivery!

CTP RE/X Premium belts for road machines – higher quality and increased life for your machine – new delivery!

CTP RE/X Premium belts for road machines – we are pleased to announce that Tape and Belt Center has just received a new shipment of high-quality CTP RE/X Premium tapes . Due to the great interest in our products, we have decided to increase our stock , which means that our warehouse is now full. We send all ordered tapes “on the spot” , after prior agreement on the type and size of the tape.

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Belts for road machines CTP RE/X Premium

CTP RE/X Premium belts are distinguished by unique properties that translate into their increased service life and unrivaled quality . Here are some key features of these tapes:

  1. High-strength cores: The belts have a core strength of 630 N/mm , while standard belts on the market generally have a value of 400 N/mm. Thanks to this, these cores effectively carry heavy loads in demanding working conditions.
  2. DIN X class cover rubber: CTP RE/X Premium belts are equipped with DIN X class cover rubber . This means as much as 25% higher abrasion resistance compared to standard CHEVRON tapes. Longer life of the covers and profiles on the belts translates into lower operating costs.
  3. Increased tear resistance of the cover rubber : Thanks to this property, the CTP RE/X Premium tapes effectively prevent the formation of cracks, punctures and tears. This means they are more durable and reliable in harsh working conditions.
  4. Fabric structure on the running side: CTP RE/X Premium tapes have a special fabric structure on the running side . It prevents them from slipping on the drums. This guarantees smooth operation of the machine and minimizes the risk of downtime.
  5. The highest quality of tape joining: CTP RE/X Premium tapes are characterized by the highest quality of joining based on many years of experience . Both hot vulcanization into the circuit and the use of mechanical connections guarantee the reliability and durability of the connections.

It is also worth mentioning that CTP RE/X Premium belts are available in the most common sizes. This makes them compatible with machines such as Wirtgen, CAT, Bomag, Dynapac, Bitelli and others.

CTP RE/X Premium belts for road machines

Belts available “on stock”

If you decide to order, we can send the most common dimensions “on the spot” even on the day of notification. We supply tapes in two different variants:

  1. Closed-circuit vulcanized : Where the machine design allows for in-circuit tape application. We offer RE/X Premium CTP tapes in a closed circuit vulcanized version. This ensures even greater durability and reliability.
  2. With one-sided Super-Screw mechanical connection . If you prefer quick and easy belt installation, we can supply belts with a single-sided Super-Screw mechanical connection. Thanks to this type of connector, assembly is simple and effective.

At the Tape and Belt Center, we understand how important it is to ensure that your road or construction machinery is running smoothly and reliably . That’s why our RE/X Premium CTP belts are carefully reviewed and checked for quality before shipping. We guarantee that you will receive products that meet the highest standards .

Are you interested in our CTP RE/X Premium belts? Contact us today and agree on the type and size of the tape. We are ready to meet your expectations and provide high-quality belts for your machine.