Advantages of PVC transport tapes

Advantages of PVC transport tapes

The growing processing capacity of industrial plants forces the use of more and more efficient systems. The introduction of conveyor belts has revolutionized the stage of transporting production elements, thus relieving employees and minimizing downtime. PVC tapes are one of the most popular solutions in this area, due to many interesting advantages.

Polyvinyl chloride material created for the industry .

The characteristics of the material from which they are made are responsible for the special properties of PVC conveyor belts . Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic substance, which makes it easy to process. It gives conveyor belts high resistance to mechanical damage and chemicals. For this reason, they are ideal for heavy industry. Thanks to the aforementioned thermoplasticity of the material, it is possible to form the tapes into any shape, both in a closed and open structure. For the same reason, it is possible to create an output product with a different overall thickness.

Universal character of PVC conveyor belts

The material can come into contact with unpackaged food and is resistant to oils and solvents. PVC conveyor belts are light, silent and can work on very small roll diameters. Therefore, they are used in food and pharmaceutical concerns and many other large-scale production enterprises. Due to the reasonable price and long service life, they significantly reduce maintenance costs. They show high resistance to abrasion, which is a key aspect, taking into account the high operational requirements placed on such equipment. Despite the high thermoplasticity of PVC, the initial product is characterized by low sensitivity to temperature changes, thanks to which it can work in both very hot and cold conditions.