Rubberizing of drive drums: the key to performance and durability

Rubberizing of drive drums: the key to performance and durability

Rubberizing of drive drums: the key to performance and durability

Are you looking for effective ways to increase the efficiency and life of your conveyor belt? Rubberizing the drive drums is a key solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of the device. At the Tape and Belt Center, we specialize in professional gumming / wrapping / rubberizing of drive drums. We provide services tailored to your needs.

Rubberizing of drive drums

Rubberizing of drive drums: what is it?

Rubberizing of drive drums is the process of applying a layer of rubber lining to the surface of the drum. This innovative treatment is designed to increase the friction between the drum and the belt, which translates into reduced slippage and improved circumferential force. This process may involve applying a rubber layer for the first time or replacing an existing layer on the drum. In the case of replacement, we provide comprehensive removal of the old layer, thorough cleaning of the drum and the application of a new rubber layer.

Rubberizing gumming wrapping of drive drums

Key benefits

Rubberizing the drive drums brings numerous benefits that significantly affect the performance and durability of the device. By increasing friction, this process minimizes slippage between the drum and the belt. That is especially important when working in conditions that require more traction between the drive drum and the belt. In addition, rubber coating protects the drum from damage resulting from intensive use and environmental factors.

Taping rubberizing the drive drums

Rubberizing the drive drums provides:

Firstly, an increase in efficiency. Increasing the friction between the drum and the belt translates into smoother movement and reduces the risk of stops. This translates into increased efficiency of production processes.

Secondly, protection against damage. The rubber lining layer acts as a protective barrier, primarily protecting the drum from impacts and excessive wear, which extends the life of the entire system.

Thirdly, resistance to extreme conditions. Drum wrapping is especially recommended for devices operating in difficult environmental conditions or subjected to intensive use.

Why choose Tape and Belt Center?

When choosing a partner for wrapping drive drums, it is worth focusing on experience and professionalism. The Tape and Belt Center is a proven specialist that has been providing gumming and wrapping services for drive drums for years. Our knowledge in the field of gumming and individual approach to each client guarantee that we will adapt the solutions perfectly to your needs.


In conclusion, wrapping drive drums is a key solution to increase the efficiency, durability and stability of belt conveyors. This process improves the coefficient of friction, reduces slippage and protects the drums from damage. Tape and Belt Center , thanks to its experience and dedicated approach, is an expert in the field of gumming and wrapping drive drums. For individual and wholesale needs, we are ready to provide the highest quality of services, primarily supporting the efficiency and durability of your devices. Contact us today to learn more about our drive drum wrapping services!