Tru-Trac Dual Return Rollers

Tru-Trac Dual Return Rollers

The basic set of double rollers aligning the belt run. Tru-Trac Dual Return is great for wide, loaded belts operating at high speeds. 

Robust heavy-duty design  – Specifically built for steel cord reinforced rubber conveyor belts.

Improved and reinforced sealing system  – steel round caps have been pressed against the bearing housing, this functions as an additional seal and prevents the ingress of contaminants.

High-speed belts  – ideal for belt speeds exceeding 4 m/s.

Easy replacement of individual rollers  – separate conical rollers are mounted on a centrally located axle, which makes it easy to replace each of them according to wear.

Reinforced Central Axle  – Fast acting axle with internal thrust bearing for lubrication from the mounting bracket.

Tensioning bolts  – are integrated into the mounting bracket, allowing you to easily achieve the required tension.

Cover  – highly abrasion-resistant natural rubber, 16 mm thick, also available in a fire-resistant version.

Bearings  – a pair of 6017 2RS bearings is used, which, due to their size, meet the load and speed requirements very well.

Thrust bearings  ˜–  available as an additional option with a single row radial roller bearing 51117 Thrust for heavy loads and medium speeds and with a thrust ball bearing NU 1017 for high speeds and lighter loads.

Work in all conditions  – possible quick installation on wet and dry belts operating on the surface or underground.

Universal installation  – the roller can be mounted on the clean side of the tape, the tension is easily adjusted with screws that are integrated in the mounting bracket. The full height of the Tru-Trak Dual Return roller assembly is 550 mm.

Reversible tapes  – Perfect for reversible tapes.

Dual return tru trac rollers

Available sizes from 1350 to 2500 mm

(smaller sizes available on request)

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