Clip'N Lock

Clip'N Lock® connection

Produced and patented by MLT Minet Lacing Technology SA,
Clip’N Lock ® connections  are a low-profile yet reliable solution for thin (1.5–5 mm) PVC/PU plastic tapes. Thanks to the developed and implemented modern production methods, this connection is 15% more durable than comparable ones available on the market. The connection has 33% more teeth anchoring it in the belt, which translates into 15% greater strength than comparable connections available on the market
clip'n lock clip n lock connection
  • the ability to bend makes Clip’N Lock ®  an indispensable solution for trough belts;
  • compact design eliminates the risk of losing individual links;
  • deep anchoring in the tape means that Clip’N Lock ®  only slightly protrudes above the surface;
  • made of non-magnetic stainless steel 316L is a guarantee of long-term and effective operation, as well as compatibility with magnetic conveyors.

Technical data:

 Clip’N Lock®  25Clip’N Lock® 30Clip’N Lock®  40Clip’N Lock®  50
Tape thickness, mm1 – 1.51.5 – 1.82 – 33 – 5
Drum min. Ø, mm20thirty4060
Joint thickness, mm2.252.543.1753.67
Connector materialstainless non-magnetic 316L steel
bar Ø, mm1.
Material of the barstainless or
nylon-coated stainless steel
stainless steelnylon coated stainless steelstainless or
nylon-coated stainless steel
Packaging5 slats 150, 300 or 600 mm long without a bar5 slats of 300, 600 or 1200 mm length without a bar
clip'n lock

Connection available on request only.
The assembly of the connection is carried out by means of a fastening device.

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