Alligator conveyor belt fastener – RS 62 RS 125 RS 187

Alligator conveyor belt fastener – RS 62 RS 125 RS 187

At the C-T-P, we are proud to present the Alligator conveyor belt fastener – RS 62 RS 125 RS 187 – a revolutionary combination that, above all, provides ease and speed in belt splicing.

Alligator conveyor belt fastener
Alligator conveyor belt fastener

Alligator conveyor belt fastener – Features and Advantages

Alligator conveyor belt fastener are characterized by strength and impact resistance, making them ideal for even the most demanding working conditions. Their design is abrasion-resistant, which guarantees long-lasting performance above all else.

The front edge of the fastener is specially designed to work smoothly with the conveyor elements, which minimizes resistance and ensures smooth operation. Installation of the fastener is carried out using a special fastening device, which makes the process even easier and faster.


Alligator RS conveyor belt fasteners are available in three different sizes to suit individual customer needs. They are made of high-quality steel, both ordinary and stainless steel. This guarantees their durability and reliability even under intensive use. In addition, due to their properties, they are weak-magnetic, which can be important in some applications.

Alligator conveyor belt fastener – Application

Alligator RS conveyor belt clips are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. They are ideal for conveyors handling parcels and luggage, food and agricultural products, packaged items and parts. They are used with belts of various thicknesses, from 1.5 to 6.4 mm, and with a tensile strength of up to 400 N/mm. A minimum roll diameter of 50 mm allows flexible adaptation to various conveyor equipment.

All detailed information on available sizes and technical specifications can be found here.

With Alligator RS belt splices, it is possible to connect belts quickly, permanently and securely. This translates into productivity and efficiency. Their innovative solution above all else makes them an excellent choice for any industry. Especially for one looking for reliable and efficient mechanical connection solutions. Feel free to contact us at the C-T-P!