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Haul-off belts

Haul-off belts with PVC, poliurethane, caoutchouc, or silicone are effectively applied in cables and pipes sheating, as well as in plastics processing industry for years.

The material used for haul-off belts production corresponds with the latest technical achievements and our clients' expectations. Endessly woven cord of these belts provides them with exceptional resistance to stretching, tearing, and, as a consequence, guarantee their long lifespan. Personally composed special coverings can be designed for non-standard duty applications.

Endlessly woven polyester cord makes our belts highly flexible and precise that allows them to work with small pulley diameters.

Special profiles on the backside of the belts (for example v-ribbed profiles) or glide impregnation ensure perfect solution for all types of haul-off goods.

If the haul-off items are extremely flat, grooves ensure solid friction grip without increasing the contact pressure. V-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular grooves are available.

All features and benefits of haul-off belts:

  • great flexibility;
  • high accuracy;
  • small length tolerances;
  • long service cycle through ageing resistance;
  • resistant to plasticiser vapours from the
    haul-off goods;
  • oil- and grease-resistant;
  • sulphur- and ozone-resistant;
  • high friction coefficient of belt and haul-off good;
  • excellent running qualities, even at high speeds.

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