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Centrum Tasm i PasowCentrum Tasm i PasowCentrum Tasm i PasowCentrum Tasm i PasowCentrum Tasm i Pasow

Super-Screw fastener on rubber belt

PVC belts

PVC belt with sidewalls securing transported material from falling. Cleats allow material to be transported on inclined conveyors.

Transmission belts

Transmission belts are produced upon request: length, width, strength

Belle Banne AF-Type scraper

Japanese scraper with tungsten carbide blades designed to clean rubber belts working with speed up to 5 m/s in both directions.

Belle Banne U-Type scraper

Japanese precise scraper with tungsten carbide blade designed to clean rubber belts working with speed up to 7,5 m/s in one direction.

Centrum Taśm i PasówDear Guests,

we would like to invite you to cooperation with company Centrum Tasm i Pasow (Centre of conveyor and transmission belts) located in Wroclaw, Poland. Our company was founded in 2004 and at the beginning was dealing mainly with light conveyor belts (PVC, PU) and mechanical fasteners. From the beginning we cooperate with well known and esteemed european companies, which guarantees to our customers products of the highest quality. We offer you products that fulfill highest demands in many sectors of the economy beginning with mining, through agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, distribution centres and recycling. Products from our offer are characterised by innovative solutions and high quality of execution. Long time of experience in the matter of selection of conveyor and transmission belts, fasteners and conveying techniques let us offer you proffesional service. Our advantage is continuous improvement of delivery conditions and quality of products with use of newest developments. Through this features we are able to supply standard and special products directly from our warehouse on optimal delivery and price conditions.
We offer professional skilled service crew available 24 hours a day.

With time, in reply to needs of the market, our company is continuously expanding our offer for another products. At the moment Centrum Tasm i Pasow is exlusive distributor on Polish market of such brands, like:



 - KLUMP GMBH - conveyor and transmission belts

T-REX Rubber

 - T-REX RUBBER - rubber belts, glue, TRU-TRAC ® tracking rollers

Belle Banne

 - BELLE BANNE ® - japenese scrapers for rubber belts

 We invite you to watching our video presentation:

We provide to our customers:

  • professional technical advice int the matter of selection and exploatation of conveyor belts and accessories
  • good quality products in competitive prices
  • short delivery time on most of products
  • professional skilled service crew available 24 hours a day

In the range of our products are:

  • flat and profiled rubbrer belts (also oil resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant)
  • PVC and PU belts
  • belts and accessories for bakery applications (inluding ContiBake belts, felt sleeves, felt belts, trays and baskets)
  • transmission belts
  • repair kits
  • Super-Screw fasteners for EP belts and steelcord belts
  • mechanical fasteners MS, Flexco, Alligator
  • mini-diamond and maxi-diamond drum lagging, T-Rex glue (rubber-rubber, rubber-metal, rubber-fabric), repair patches
  • 3-layered rubber for scrapers, Linatex rubber
  • HDPE "TEMPO" rollers, steel rollers
  • HDPE HD rollers for heavy duty applications
  • Tru-Trac tracking rollers
  • Belle Banne belt scrapers
  • Proload antidust housing
  • CONTI BAKE belts for bakery installations

We invite you to meet closer our detailed offer.


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