PVC and PU conveyor belts for transporting

Our company offers a large range of PVC and PU type conveyor belts aimed for transportation. C-T-P can produce over 200 types of belts that can be utilized in various industries. Depending on the requirements of the client we are able to assemble conveyor belts in both open and closed circuits, as well as those mechanically connected. We are also able to provide rubber belts for unconventional conveyor belt constructions.

Belt features and characteristics:

  • low-noise,
  • long service life,
  • wide range of thickness,
  • light,
  • working with small roll dimaters,
  • suitable for work in through,
  • conductive electric charges (antistatic),
  • resistance for moisture and oils,
  • suitable for contact with unpacked food,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • high and low temperature resistance,
  • high rupture resistance.

We can provide various types of belts upon request, such as belts:

  • with leading profiles,
  • with side walls preventing spilling,
  • with cleats allowing for transportation on steep slope conveyors,
  • with a structure preventing movement of goods,
  • with punctured surface,
  • used for arched conveyors.

In order to decide on the best type of belt and to discuss technical details regarding the production please contact our sales office (+48 71 372 8465).