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Conti Bake BE 6570

Bakery belt with woven-in plastic polyester spiral or endlessly woven

We are presenting our CONTI BAKE BE 6570 bakery belt. After its introduction to the market, it enjoys continuous success in all bakery applications, such as fermentation belts, transfer belts, and dough belts of various kinds.

 Among characteristics that could interest you, we can mention in the first place:

  • fully synthetic, extremely resistant fabric – a guarantee of long lifetime;
  • strong monofilament fibre for a high cross stability;
  • dimension stability with low elongation;
  • easy to track and control, low coefficient of friction for running over slider beds;
  • high flexibility of the fabrics and of woven polyester splice (type SS) which allows running over knife edges starting from 6 mm diameter;
  • high air permeability
  • non-sticking;
  • easy to clean.


The most important features:

  • polyester belt;
  • standard weight: 1.500 g/m2;
  • thickness: 2.2 mm;
  • FDA-approved, safe for foodstuff;
  • tear strength at break 28 % / 166 kN/cm;
  • friction coefficient on stainless steel 0.15;
  • temperature-resistant up to 120°C continuously, 170°C peak;
  • felt-like surface;
  • transversely rigid + true running;
  • mildew-resistant.


  • baking tunnels;
  • dough transport with knife edges;
  • dough processing (dough working);
  • deposit systems.


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