PVC, PU conveyor belts with cleats, sidewalls, guide profiles


Cleats are used for inclined transportation in order to avoid moving, falling, or rolling down of transported materials. Cleats pattern and their dimensions are chosen depending on the product carried and working conditions. C-T-P offers a wide variety of cleats, including those able to travel on pulleys with small diameter and cleats with additive reinforcement to prevent potential damaging.

Cleats patterns for PVC and PU belts:


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Cleats possible applications:

  Pattern number (scheme above)
Profile type (scheme below) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Wedge-shaped (K) + + + + + + + +
Square (V) + + + + + + + +
Rectangular (R) + + + + + + + +
T, L, S + + +
TG, LG, SG + + +

Cleats types:


K, V, R – profiles formed of PVC (can be used as either cleats or leading profiles).


T, L, S – made of PVC
TG, LG, SG – made of PVC, textile reinforced
UT, UL – made of PU


Profile applied to the upper side. Belt used for transportation of coins. 


Cleated belt with additive reinforcement preventing cleats from breaking. 

Lengthwise sidewalls:


Sidewalls can be made of PVC or PU, oil- and fat-resistant, with or without textile reinforcement or flanges. Our sidewalls are approved by FDA for contacts with unpacked food products. Belts with sidewalls are the perfect solution for L- and Z-formed inclined belt conveyors. Depending on demands and design, such belts can be used with pulleys of a medium diameter.

Guiding profiles:


Made of PVC or PU, flat or ribbed, supporting the travelling belt.