Conveyor belts

C-T-P’s offer includes various types of conveyor belts. We offer belts designed for bulk handling, as well as those compatible with machines and industrial devices. In our stock you can also come across various belts used for agricultural purposes and food industry belts – with all necessary safety and quality certificates included. 

Conveyor belts tailored to operational conditions

Our conveyor belts can be delivered in different variations when it comes to the type of material and joints. Those belts are suitable for hot splicing, gluing and joining mechanically. We also offer endless belts. Additionaly, the products in our offer meet additional criteria regarding the heat resistance for both ambient temperature and temperature of carried loads. C-T-P also provides their customers with belts depending on the conveyor speed, load weight and belt load. Last of all, customers often buy our products on request; belts that are specifically manufactured to work in certain conditions, i.e. in a humid environment, in contact with certain chemical substances, in dusty conditions or potentially in contact with oil. We also offer belts that are safe for food contact. 

Profiled belts

Our products include various profiled belts. We produce them using the hot vulcanization method. We use various types of rubber compounds, including those that are abrasion resistant, oil resistant and heat resistant. This allows us to provide you with the right solution or the transportation of products that require special care. Some of the profiled belts also include additional elements, such as various types of sidewalls, chevrons, cleats, as well as side rails to prevent the load from moving. We supply profiled tapes to manufacturers of machines such as: screeners, separators, and plows.

Conveyor belts with cleats

Conveyor belts with cleats are adjusted for transportation of products that are supposed to be secured from moving during the transport. They can also include belts suited for transportation through ascending conveyors. Cleated conveyor belts can be used at angles over 22 degrees. We have various types of cleated conveyor belts depending on the dimensions, including the Chevron and herringbone profiles. 

Herringbone and Chevron belts

The pattern of herringbone belts resembles the letter “V”. They are produced depending on the opening angle and load specification. The most typical belts are produced within 15-45 degrees; what differs most is the sidewalls’ height. Belts can be equiped with additional longitudinal sidewalls, often of different heights.

The pattern of a Chevron belts resembles a letter “Y” that is slightly extended at the bottom. They are produced in various alterations depending on width, type of load and working angle. In case of wide belts, the “Y” pattern is extended with further elements.

In order to help you with choosing the perfect belt type, as well as potentially discussing other technical details regarding your order, please contact our sales office.