Połączenia wulkanizowane, mechaniczne, klejenie na zimno

Conveyor belt connections

We can offer various types of belt connections depending on the type of belt, operating conditions conditions, belt’s parameters and user’s requirements. The most popular belt connections are:

  • hot vulcanization
  • mechanical fasteners
  • cold bonding

Conveyors equipped with cleaning scrapers, as a rule, require the use of vulcanized joints, which are perfectly smooth and do not cause faster wear of cleaning elements and eliminate the risk of the joint being damaged by the scraper. To produce this type of splice requires the use of a specialized vulcanizing press and vulcanization materials. It should also be performed by a specialized service team. There are many types of mechanical fasteners. The most simple ones are, characterized by easy installation that do not require the use of specialized equipment, while the more specialized connectors that are an alternative to vulcanization. Mechanical connections usually require the use of an installation tool  intended for a particular type of joint. There are also other, such as for example mechanical fastener Super-Screw. It is easy to install, it does not require the use of installation tool, it can work with cleaning scrapers, it is tight and achieves durability and lifespan comparable to connections produced through vulcanization.

Gluing conveyor belts using the so-called cold bonding method keeps the belt tight and the joint can work with cleaning scrapers. The process of production should be performed by a specialist. The time required for the adhesive to reach its full strength is typically 24 hours.

Centrum Taśm i Pasów has the appropriate equipment and qualified staff to perform each of the above-mentioned types of connections. Our offer also includes various types of mechanical connectors and installation tools.