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Power transmission belts

C-T-P produces a large range of power transmisson belts for various use. The belts in our offer can be used for power transmission in machinery and industrial equipment from various industries. We can produce belts used in a large number of revolutions per minute, as well as high-torque timing belts and those suitable for special working conditions. Belts offered by C-T-P are always produced in order to fulfill all the necessary certificates and requirements, such as:

– safe for food contact
– temperature resitstant
– resistant for moisture, oils, greases,
– increased mechanical resistance

Those power transmission belts are also available in a number of versions which allow for precise running of the belt drive and synchronization of various belt components.

Types of power transmission belts

Centrum Taśm i Pasów offers various power transmission belts. We produce belts in a number of configurations and types, including:

– endless woven belts
– welded belts
– customised belts ready for welding
– belts ready for mechanical connections

Moreover, our offer includes flat belts. They allow for the transfer of torque through the friction between the belt drive and the traction surface. Thanks to proper belt tension and applicable friction, the flat belt is able to move the machine’s elements without loss of energy, while also keeping the high number of revolutions per minute and high speed. Flat belts are produced using various types of core (i.e. textile or steel-reinforced), as well as with different types of covers.

Centrum Taśm i Pasów also offers a wide range of timing belts. We produce those belts using various materials and with different types of layers. Also, our offer includes specially reinforced belts. The surface in those kinds of belts allows for more effective power transmission. The driven element is controlled with high precision. Those kinds of solutions are used for coordination of various additional elements.
Our firm also sells haul-off belts. Those types of belts are used for leading and stretching various elements used during production processes. By using those belts, it is possible to operate lengthy elements – such as cables, metal and artificial materials, wires and ropes. Haul-off belts are produced in various configurations, depending on our client’s needs in terms of the type of the working surface and special strenghtening requirements.

We also offer HPC V-belts. Their characteristics are remarkable compared to traditional belts; one of the biggest advantages of HPC V-belts is the possibility of shaping them in various dimensions, without the need of dismantling the machine they are attached to.
Our clients are also offered a wide range polyurethane straps with a high resistance to abrasion.