Bakery belts and accessories:

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Our company Centrum Taśm i Pasów also offers various textiles for automated bakery ovens of different manufacturers. Long-lasting and close relationships with other producers allow us to provide them in highly competitive prices.

Bakery belt type ContiBake BE 6570

  • width: 2,2 mm;
  • carrying side: 100% polyester, multifilament;
  • bottom side: polyestr, single fibers;
  • suitable for food contact;
  • air permeabile;
  • minimal roll diameter: 6 mm;
  • maximal width: 1850 mm;
  • temperature resistance: 140°C (temporary temperature resistance up to 220°C);
  • resistance for moisture, oils, greases, dough;
  • dough does not stick.


  • bakery tunnel ovens;
  • transport of dough;
  • dough kneading;
  • collection conveyors.

Possible implementation:

  • polyester SS52 connection included (easy strapping);
  • SS52 PEEK spiral for higher temperatures
contibake contibake2

Cloths for loading apparatus:

  • easy to clean;
  • low stretching ratio;
  • quick production and delivery;
  • standard width: 560 mm.

Various types of transporting belts produced by the German company KLUMP: PVC, PU, felt belts, structural belts, as well as belt fasteners (Self-Lock, Anker, Alligator) 


Felt belts:

  • diameter of 20-400 mm;
  • thickness: 2-6 mm;
  • 100% wool
  • endless woven;
  • safe for food contact;
  • dough does not stick;
  • working on rolls of 4 mm diameter.
rękawy filcowe

Belts for spreader machines:

  • endless woven;
  • polyester ply to minimise stretching;
  • safe for food contact
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