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Flexible PVC/PU lacings


MLT logo na przezroczystym ucieteFlexible PVC/PU lacings Iklumet are a unique solution for connection of light duty PVC/PU belts of 1.4-5.2 mm width, manufactured and patented by MLT Minet Lacing Technology SA. The solution consists in vulcanising of two splices connected by polyacetal pin directly into the belt. A possibility to remove the connecting pin enables disconnection of the belt for cleaning, repair, conservation, etc. afterwards.

The most important characteristics and advantages of flexible PVC/PU lacings:

  • installation requires vulcanising press of ultrasonic welding machine;
  • splice remains elastic and flexible, making itseltf a perfect solution for trough belts and carriers;
  • well-matched and correctly installed lacing gives no extra thickness;
  • easiness of disconnecting and reconnecting the belt for maintenance, cleaning, transportation;
  • the connecting pin is available in inox steel for hard grip or in polyacetal solution for compatibility with magnetic carriers and metal detectors - or for situations when effects of magnetic field or contact between products and metal are undesirable;
  • connection remains leak proof, invulnerable to dust, liquids, lubricants, oils, fats;
  • white FDA-approved solution is available for works involving contact with unpacked food;
  • lacings are available in a variety of colours. There is a possibility to produce lacing in desired colour on demand for no extra charge. 

Technical data

Top side
PVC PU PVC Textile PU Textile
Bottom side
PVC or Textile PU or Textile

PVC Textile

PU Textile

Belt thickness, mm 1.4 - 6.7 1.4 - 5.2 1.4 - 3.2 1.4 - 2.2
Max. belt tension, N/mm 8 - 20* 8 - 20* 8 - 12* 8
Min. pulley Ø, mm 50 - 250* 50 - 120* 50 - 60* 50

* depending on the belt thickness - see the tables below! 

PVC lacings (normal version)

lacing table 2 EN

* all lacings with textile on the bottom are approx. 0.3-0.5 mm thicker.

PVC lacings (heavy duty version)

tabela 3 EN


* all lacings with textile on the bottom are approx. 0.3-0.5 mm thicker.

PU lacings

tabela 4 EN

* all lacings with textile on the bottom are approx. 0.3-0.5 mm thicker.

Flexible PVC/PU lacings are available in one-meter-long strips with polyacetal connecting pin. It is possible to buy separately polyacetal (10 m roll) or inox steel (desired length up to 3.000 mm) pin. Vendor advices to apply steel pin for narrow belts (<200 mm width).

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