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G 2000 Series fasteners

G 2001, G 2002, G 2003

MLT logo na przezroczystym_uciete G 2000 Series fasteners sre characterised by extraordinary durability and find application in, above all, mining and various branches of heavy industry (G 2002/2003) and agriculture (G 2001). Installed with staples, these fasteners do not require a lot of time or specific instrumentary, what allows to minimise the downtime of machinery and the costs arising therefrom.

These are the most important advantages of Record V6 fastener:

  • produced from top quality materials to quarantee extraordinary durability and reliability;
  • reinforced loop prevents splice damage;
  • installation with staples does not require a lot of time or specific instrumentary;
  • fast installation reduces machinery downtime;
  • pre-assembled staples additionally reduce downtime by elimination of necessity to look for appropriate fasteners;
  • skived grooves in the clips protect staples from damage;
  • chamfered edge on fastener is making it highly compatible with belt cleaners;
  • final connection is perfect for troughed belts;
  • type G 2001 has been intentionally designed for use in round balers;
  • types G 2002/2003 have been intentionally designed for use mining and heavy engineering.


Technical data

Centrum Taśm i Pasów

G 2001

G2001 cat

G 2002


G 2003


Belt thickness, mm 5 - 7 7.5 - 15 10 - 20
Max. belt strength, N/mm 650 1400 3500
Max. belt tension, N/mm 65 140 350
Min. pulley Ø, mm 80 250 500

Connecting pin Ø, mm

4 (inox steel in PA cover)

6, 7, 8, 9 (inox steel)

7, 9 (inox steel in PA cover)

Types G 2002 and G 2003 in case of separate purchase of splices and connecting pins require the latter to be matched according to the table below:

connecting pin Ø, mm

inox steel 6 22 - 24
7 26 - 28 - 29

26 - 28 - 29 - 34

9 33 - 38

inox steel in PA cover


26 - 28 - 29

9 33 - 38

G 2002 and G 2003 are available in versions of HSS galvanised carbon steel or of inox steel. G 2001 is available in inox steel only.

G 2002 and G 2003 are available in desired length stips up to 1600 mm (longer on demand). G 2001 is available in desired length strips up to 1200 mm.

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