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Belt connections

The choice of connection type depends on the belt type, working conditions, conveyor parameters, and user's demands. Generally, all connections could be classified as:

vulcanised splices;

mechanical fasteners;

cold glued.

Transporters equipped with belt scrapers, as a rule, require application of vulcanised splices which are perfectly smooth and do not cause accelerated wear of cleaning elements, as well as eliminate the risks of the connection being damaged by scraper. Implementation of vulcanised splices requires application of specialised vulcanising press as well as vulcanising materials, and must be performed by qualified service personnel. 

Mechanical fasteners are of various types – from the simpliest staples that can easily be installed without special equipment or tools, to the unique connections that could act as an alternative to vulcanisation. As a rule, mechanical fasteners require an installation tool that is individual for every connection type. A curious alternative solution available on the market is a fabric-rubber connection Super-Screw®. It is characterised by easy and quick assembly requiring no special tools, it can effectively work with belt scrapers, besides, it is hermetic, and its durability and strength can be compared with those characteristic to vulcanisation.

The so-called cold gluing can preserve the belt's tightness, and the junction is also able to work with belt scrapers. The time necessary to achieving glue's full durability is about 24 hours.

Centrum Taśm i Pasów has all the proper equipment and qualified personnel for implementation of all the connection types mentioned above. The company's offer includes mechanical fasteners of different types and all the necessary equipment.

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