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High Performance Composite V-Belts

Vzh2FukDHigh Performance Composite (HPC) V-belts produced by Fenner Drives Inc. are characterised by unique costruction and hi-quality composite material used. As a consequence, these belts ensure a lot of benefits that allow to save time and reduce production costs. HPC belts guarantee:


  • prolonged lifetime;
  • low stretching;
  • better resistance to aggressive environments (chemicals, oils, heat, frost, vibration, abrasives) compared to rubber belts;
  • special options available on demand, including antistatic, PU/PVC top covering for strong grip, PTFE top covering for hot goods up to 232°C, smooth and soft covering for delicate goods;
  • fast and easy installation, far faster makeup and connection compared to rubber belts determined by segmental structure – one belt can be adjusted to any length required;
  • reduction of spare materials to be kept in stock for eventual breakdowns;
  • reduction of downtime, repairs and diagnostics frequency;
  • simplified drive design;
  • reduction of drive vibration with keeping along with the strictest power transmission standards;
  • reduction of noise.

Produced from hi-quality poliurethane elastomer reinforced with polyester filaments, HPC belts provide the best solution for problems connected with traditional V-belts application. That makes them a perfect alternative to standard rubber belts.

HPC belts family includes: PowerTwist Plus and NuTLink available in classical dimensions, and SuperTLink replacing metric SP belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC cross sections).



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