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Fix'N Go belt repair patch

MLT logo na przezroczystym ucieteFix'N Go® repair patches are an innovative and unique solution for repairing belt rips and tears manufactured by MLT Minet Lacing Technology SA. Thanks to the rubber used, Fix'N Go® has higher abrasion resistance than most of conveyor belts, at the same tim, it does not affect belt's flexibility, resistance to elongation and tensile strength. Fix'N Go® patch is a long-term solution that allows to hold on with replacing the damaged belt.

The most important advantages of Fix'N Go® repair patches:

PRODUCTION – depending on purpose, patch can be produced from either abrasion resistant or heat retardant rubber;

RESISTANCE - the patch is abrasion-resistant to an extent that supervenes the majority of belts used in industry, still compatible with belt cleaners; 

SUSTAINABILITY - self-drilling and safe-tapping screws used for patch fastening spread the carcass threads without cutting them, avoiding harm to the belt. Screws are produced from galvanised or inox steel;

FLEXIBILITY - usage of Fix'N Go® repair patches does not affect belt's own characteristics, it remains elastic and resistant to elongation. This is a moment of crucial importance for trough forming or shock overloads;

RAPIDITY - to fasten the patch you need only a powered (electric or pneumatic) screwdriver and a belt skiver;

UNIVERSALITY - the patch can be applied to fix all textile carcass belts with maximum belt strength tension of 1250 N/mm. Fix'N Go® repair patches can be used to repair longitudinal rips, tears, holes, and belt edge damage.


Fix'N Go® patches are available in dimensions of 158 mm width x 2.000 or 20.000 mm length. Top plate thickness: 3-4 mm, bottom plate thickness: 2-3 mm.

Fix'N Go® Kits:

Emergency Kit - 2 Fix'N Go® rolls (top and bottom plates) dim. 158 x 2.000 mm, 300+300 screws of two different sizes (5x10 + 5x12 (only with abrasion resistant rubber), 5x12 + 5x14, 5x14 + 5x16, 5x16 + 5x18, 5x18 + 5x20), or

Professional Kit - 2 Fix'N Go® rolls (top and bottom plates) dim. 158 x 20.000 mm, 3000 screws of different sizes:

  • with abrasion resistant rubber- 600 x 5x10, 900 x 5x12, 600 x 5x14, 300 x 5x16, 300 x 5x18, 300 x 5x20;
  • with heat retardant rubber - 1050 x 5x12, 900 x 5x14, 450 x 5x16, 300 x 5x18, 300 x 5x20.

 You can match the screws sizes regarding the belt's thickness using tables below.

Fix'N Go® abrasion resistant

FixNGo En heat resistant

Fix'N Go® heat retardant

FixNGo En abrasion resistant

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